Tom Foley

111 South Ridgeway Avenue

Atlantic City New Jersey


To Mayor  & City Council                                                        January 3, 2008

Atlantic City


Mayor and Members of City Council I am writing you in reference to my request as a taxpayer in Atlantic City that has just received my new assessment of a 700%  increase.


I purchased the property on 111 South Ridgeway in 1995 for $155,000, granted I have improved the house over the years but have never changed the footprint or extended the house in any way.


I have been reading and listening to the discussions in reference to the tax appeal settlement with the Trump organization and questioning the procedure that lead to this settlement. I understand when the City Council accepted the settlement they were not given all of the details of the procedure by the assessment experts for the City.


Along with that problem when the County and the Press requested the information now the City Solicitor Mr. Swan recommended attorney –client privilege. This is very troubling, as a taxpayer I am one of the clients and I believe you should release this information immediately.


Recently the City Council voted to release the documents but the Administration has done nothing to date to my knowledge.


As the former Emergency Management Director for the City I always looked for help with our emergency services, you can not live in a box as leaders you should reach out for help when needed.


The County and the State of New Jersey could have helped and you as leaders should have asked for help with this negotiation on all Casinos tax assessments, remember when the Casino Gaming legislation was passed we were all promised reduced taxes, that was an empty promise. Also when the legislation was passed Atlantic City was to receive 6% of the gross then 2% for years thereafter, another empty promise.


Currently, Mayor Evans that serves on Urban Search and Rescue Teams for the State of New Jersey as a trainer and rescuer knows we cannot live in a box resources are sometimes needed to better serve the City, well Mr. Mayor we need help now.


I will as a taxpayer be requesting all of this information be released immediately also I will be asking all Atlantic City Civic Associations and other taxpayers to join in that request and filing an appeal to the State courts.


Thank you in advance for you cooperation and help,


Tom Foley

Atlantic City