Of "Hurley in the Morning"
Thank you seems hardly sufficient. But, I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your listenership and support.
In reflecting on the last quarter ... October, November and December, 2007 ... Together, we experienced significant growth as a program.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't fully recognize and understand that we can't do what we do together ... without each of you!
Some really great news is about to made public. It is news that it is for others to report about it. 
What I will say publicly, is that although after more than 17 years together on-air, it's really not an issue ... It is still nice to have your work validated by others.
We know what we bring to the table together each day. We are making a real difference. We continue to break more news then all other local outlets put together.
We continue to be a leading indicator ... in a region filled with lagging indicators.
All that being said ... It's still very nice and invigorating to learn that your work is recognized by others.
I have been so thankful for so many years for your faithful listenership.
I want to thank the many partners we have as well ... My contacts from around the country who help us land national interviews such as Judy Davis, Jane Seymour, Stephen Collins, Jay Leno, Pat Summerall, Apollo Anton Ohno to name just a few.
A thanks to our regular guest line-up: Chuck Malamut, Al Gutierez, Bill Elliott, Linda Novelli and The Novelli Team of Realty, Dr. Bob Zlotnick, Attorney James Leonard, Jr., Tom Campbell and the various talented Doctor's from Deborah Heart & Lung Center, Bob Derbyshire, Chuck Betson, Gary Aldrich, Dan Klein, Roger Stone and Hank Sheinkopf.
Special Thanks to: Don Hurley for all of his efforts to make this a better program then it otherwise would be. Special thanks to: Josh Hennig, Al Zentmeyer, Congressman Frank LoBiondo, Fred Nickels, Ken LeFevre, Kirk Conover, Bob McDevitt, Sonny McCullough, Ed Kline, Denny Levinson, Jake Glassey, Jeff Van Drew, Lorenzo Langford, Speedy Marsh, George Tibbitt.
Also, a very special note of thanks to The Mighty Burner, Larry James for all his support over the years!  
Finally, a special note of thanks to Rick & Nancy Brancadora, for providing me with all of the tools necessary to flourish on a daily basis.
No doubt I have left someone out here: It is purely by accident.
Collectively, on the occasion of our continued outstanding results together ... I want to again say thank you for your continued support.