"Hurley in the Morning"
I want to rise in full support this morning for my colleague Seth Grossman.
This past Saturday afternoon, while we preparing our home for the arrival of our first Grand Child ... my H-Phone rang ... It was Al from Absecon ... who is a member of Liberty & Prosperity.
I could tell by the tone of his voice that something "different" was going on.
It was "different" alright! Al called right while Seth Grossman was in the process of being "arrested" for attempting to bring a purely reasonable sign which read "No Toll Increases in New Jersey."
All Seth wanted was for Governor Jon Corzine to see his sign. What's wrong with that? This is still America, isn't it?
The fact that at least 10 Police Officers surrounded Seth Grossman, like he was some danger to the public or the Governor is preposterous.
Whomever gave the Police this order to initially harass and then outrageously arrest Seth Grossman should be fired from whatever public position they presently hold.
Right now, it goes something like this ... The School Board President in Middle Township says he doesn't know who gave the order. The Superintendent of Public Schools says he doesn't know who gave the order. Governor Corzine says he didn't know about until an hour after his event in Cape May Court House.
So, you see ... no one knows who made this decision. Yet, somehow, rather miraculously, 10 Police Officers knew to surround Seth Grossman ... like he was some kind of dangerous felon ... Yet, no one wants to take credit for this one.
I know why ... Because whoever did this ... Doesn't want to be found out.
This is one of the most outrageous and unjust arrests that I have ever commented about, because it is so unjust. Grossman is a responsible Officer of the Courts. He is a local talk radio personality ... but, most importantly he is an honest and law abiding citizen of The United States.
As such, he is granted certain unalienable rights, namely the Freedom of Speech.The first Amendment to the United States Constitution reads that it is unconstitutional to prohibit free speech (Grossman's sign was clearly protected by the free speech amendment); or of the press (which Grossman I believe also qualifies as a member of); or, the right of the people peaceably to assemble, (which Grossman was well within his right to do); and finally, to petition the Government (which is given a Capital letter G in the Constitution), for a redress of grievances. Again, this is exactly what Grossman was doing!
For Seth Grossman and Steve Lonegan to be arrested for what they did in Middle Township, Cape May this past Saturday, should send chills down the spines of every free American. For them to even have one hour of their freedom taken from them is outrageous and fundamentally un-American!
They were denied for someone's political agenda ... the right to express their free will and redress their government. It is one of the worst things that a Government can ever do to its people. Even if you don't like Seth or Steve ... It is their right to do exactly what they did this past Saturday and no one has the right to interfere with freedom of speech.
The Government had no right to stop them. They hid behind Grossman's sign being the reason for all of this. That sign is FREE SPEECH. That sign is Grossman and Lonegan's right.
Some Government toad, and, make no mistake about it ... we'll find out who you are ... Decided that they wanted to protect Governor Corzine from any free thought/or public expression in opposition to his gigantic toll increase scheme.
This is The United States of America 
I have no doubt that Seth will have much to say about this today at 3:00 p.lm., here on 1020 WIBG Radio.
But, I wanted to let you know how I feel about this ... and, I wanted Seth to know that I fully support him on this.
He was wronged big time this past Saturday. Knowing Seth for as long as I have ... No doubt, he will be taking some professional steps to address this situation.
Think about it ... Look at all the signs you see at various campaign events. Some support ... some not so supportive. But, we as Americans have certain rights which cannot be trampled upon.
Someone made a big mistake here. And, here's the kicker ... I have known Jon Corzine VERY WELL since his first day as a candidate for elective office a number of years ago. I can guarantee you that he wouldn't have minded Seth's sign one bit ... In fact, he probably would have smiled out and called attention to it ... stating that "I know some of you don't support my plan, but here's why I think we have to do this now ..."
But, some stupid Governor Corzine butt smoocher thought that they could simply manage away Seth's Freedom of Speech rights.
I suspect you haven't heard the last of this ... I strongly suggest that you tune into Seth today at 3:00 p.m. right here on 1020 WIBG Radio.
I wanted you to know how I feel about this ... and, I wanted Seth to know that he has my full support. He did no wrong. He was (in fact) wronged by the Government ... that's Government with a capital letter "G."