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Atlantic City Council President
Postpones Run for Mayor’s Office

Atlantic City . . . Atlantic City Council President, William ‘Speedy’ Marsh announced today that he would postpone his effort to seek election as the mayor of the city for one year.
     Citing the many critical decisions that face Atlantic City and the tremendous demand on his time that solving these issues will take, Council President Marsh has decided to continue his work toward the solutions of these issues that reflect the best interests of Atlantic City citizens and taxpayers.
     “For the next year, I will focus my thoughts and my energy to the guidance of the reevaluation process and its effects on Atlantic City’s taxpaying citizens. I plan to take an active part in the decisions to develop the Bader Field site and I remind you that the decision on the future of Bader Field will be made by City Council.   I will be able to serve the citizens at this critcal time without the distraction of conducting an election campaign.  ” says Marsh.
     “As the President of City Council. I will work diligently to guide the city with honesty as it continues on its journey toward economic growth. I promise to work for the benefit of the city’s citizens as they seek to share in this economic growth and find suitable careers and fair-market housing within the boundaries of this city.”     
     Council President Marsh reflected on the support from many areas of the Atlantic City community as well as the recent endorsement by the Political Action Committee of UNITE HERE Local 54, the hotel and restaurant employees union that  counts more than 4,000 families who are citizens and voters in all six wards of Atlantic City. 
     “The time for me to serve Atlantic City and its citizens is NOW, and my promise to you the citizens is that I will continue to serve, honestly and to the best of my ability, as President of Atlantic City Council. And be assured, I promise to work in a cooperative manner with the city’s temporary mayor,” added Marsh.
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