Disgraceful for a former Mayor of Atlantic City to do this.
Whelan is basically politically blackmailing Atlantic City to accept CRDA as the Developer of Bader Field ... OR ELSE!
Personally speaking, in my opinion, I think this conduct should constitute Official Misconduct in Office!
How can you craft a piece of legislation which would only affect one City?
Whelan thinks he's cute. Designing his bogus bill in such a way that the citizens of Atlantic City will be harassed, unless  the City Council accepts CRDA as the Bader Field Developer.
My sources tell me that if the City doesn't accept CRDA as King, then they can expect harassment and delays at every turn from state government.
In my view, this Whelan bill and all the back stories behind it, should be sent as a criminal referral to The United States Attorney for a full investigation.
Shame on Jim Whelan. First he tried to take Alba's "small business away from her."
Now, he's trying to take Bader Field away from the taxpayers of Atlantic City.
Whelan was a disaster as Mayor of Atlantic City ... now, he's already hitting such a low mark as a state senator.
Whelan would have gone berserk had any member of the state legislature tried to pull this kind of bogus stunt, while he was Mayor.
Remember, Whelan is the guy who  literally gave away the H-Tract. Whelan basically gave away the airport for peanuts.
Whelan is the guy who made the citizens of Atlantic City pay twice for the public works building that Steve Wynn was contracted to build only once.
Whelan raised taxes in Atlantic City by an exorbitant amount. Whelan failed to heed directive after directive to do a property revaluation. Look at the mess he's left the Atlantic City taxpayers in.
Incredulously, Whelan is now intentionally interfering with the taxpayers ability to gain great revenue and desperately needed property tax relief, by selling Bader Field in a manner of their choosing ... no the state of New Jersey's.
Haven't Whelan and his pals messed this state up enough already? Who really needs them to solve Atlantic City's Bader Field issues anyway?