"He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother!"
First Reported Here
Sunday, March 9, 2008
10:00 a.m.
We first reported last Thursday that Atlantic County Sheriff Jim McGettigan had a 20-minute meeting with federal criminal, Craig Callaway.
This has raised many eyebrows, because most law-abiding, normal citizens wonder why a high-ranking law enforcement official would meet with someone like Craig Callaway in this manner?
 It gets worse!
HarryHurley.com has now learned and confirmed that McGettigan asked Sheriff Officer's present to leave the holding cell area.
This takes this meeting to a new and "different" level. A disturbing level. This means that not only did McGettigan and Callaway meet for 20 minutes last week ... they did so in private.
Why did McGettigan meet with Callaway in the first place? What did they talk about? Why did McGettigan need "privacy?"
What did McGettigan not want others to hear? 
McGettigan is presently a candidate seeking re-election. He is coming off an absolute shellacking, crushing loss at the hands of Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.
McGettigan appears beyond desperate at this point. His meeting with Callaway, until we know more, appears inappropriate at best.
McGettigan has maintained a long and direct political alliance with Craig Callaway. Callaway has helped to procure messenger absentee ballots for McGettigan.
McGettigan's "meeting" with Callaway has sent shock waves through the law enforcement community and the public at large.
As usual, the local media will not do its job here. I put this out last week here during my bout of laryngitis, and, not one local media member has followed up?
We take this opportunity to remind you that McGettigan ha referred to Craig Callaway as his "Brother."
Two Brother's held a meeting last week in the holding cell ... they did so in private.
When this meeting involves an Atlantic County Constitutional Officer like McGettigan directly participating in a private meeting, the public deserves answers.