Thursday, April 3, 2008

5:30 a.m.


Great move by Ventnor Mayor Tim Kreischer and Commissioners Sandy Vespertino & Joe Schafer.


This was the right thing to do. It was the smart thing to do. And, it was the smart "political" thing to do.


They have effectively taken this issue off of the table.


Kreischer has credibility on this one, because he lost the use of this same prominent marquee sign at Frank's Theatre, back in the 1992 election, for the same reason that "Team Kelly" is confronting here in 2008.


The City of Ventnor has a code enforcement regulation that building signage must be compatible with the use of the building.


Meaning that if you have a campaign sign on the building, the building must be your Campaign Headquarters, or, a use involved with the campaign. 


Such was not the case back in 1992 for Kreischer, so he lost the use of the movie marquee sign, after a dispute was raised during that election, that he was not utilizing the building for the stated purpose on the signage.


It was a bogus attack on him then. And, he is taking the high road 16 years later, and, he looks good for it in my view.


By Kreischer asking for a one-time exception, for "Team Kelly" to be allowed to keep their Campaign marquee sign, it effectively takes the issue off of the table ... while still making a good point.


And, that's smart politics, too.


It's a great 

move, and, I hereby give Kreischer my HarryHurley.com and "Hurley in the Morning" Political Play of the Week."


Here is the full Kreischer/Vespertino/Schafer press release on this matter, as follows: 




Ventnor 2008


For Immediate Release                                                          For More Information:

April 2, 2008                                                                        Tim Kreischer 487-0940



 Ventnor City Commissioners supports right to display sign on Ventnor Theatre


Ventnor City, NJ. – Mayor Tim Kreischer and Commissioners Joe Schafer and Sandy Vespertino today announced their position on the recent Ventnor Theatre Sign controversy. “We see no reason to oppose the display of the signs in question”, said Mayor Kreischer. “Although they technically violate our ordinance, in the interest of fair play I intend to ask City Zoning Official Jim Agnesino to make a one-time exception”, Kreischer said.


Theresa Kelly, John Piatt and Steven Weintrob are opposing the incumbents in the May 13th municipal election. The Kelly team has displayed large signs on the marquee of the shuttered Ventnor Twin movie theatre since early March. The owners of the theatre were cited by code enforcement officials last week for violating local ordinances.


“Agnesino and City Administrator Drew McCrosson were correct in their comments about the violation,” said Schafer. “But we intend to immediately ask them to allow the signs to continue to be displayed this one time. We don’t want to be accused of twisting the enforcement of an ordinance for our own political gain,” Schafer said.


“The argument about free speech is a difficult one but in this case we are going to ask the relevant officials to allow the signs to stay”, Vespertino said. “We intend to run on our record and I don’t think a few signs are going to make much difference”, said Vespertino


“No one knows better than me about the use of the Ventnor Theatre sign since I used it for a brief time during my 1992 election,” said Kreischer. “Thankfully, we have code enforcement officials who are vigilant in protecting the interests of Ventnor residents and I am proud of their efforts. Let’s put this one behind us and talk about the issues that make Ventnor a great place to live,” Kreischer said.


Ventnor City has a non-partisan election every four years in May where the three candidates that receive the most votes are elected Commissioner. The three commissioners then meet and elect one of their number Mayor by majority ballot.