For immediate release
Contact: Mayor’s Office: 609-347-5400

April 16, 2008


While I welcome a public debate among all viable contenders for the Office of Mayor, I have the following concern with regard to candidate Lorenzo Langford:  It is undisputed that, while Mayor, he engineered a settlement between himself and the City, resulting in payment to himself of $850,000 of taxpayer money.  The settlement was invalidated by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and Langford was found to be jointly and severally liable for the repayment of $850,000 to the City of Atlantic City.

I do not believe it is in the best interest of the City of Atlantic City and her residents to dignify, by my appearance, any candidate for the office of Mayor who so arrogantly defied a Federal Court Judge’s request not to disperse the $850,000.  It’s a sad day for Atlantic City taxpayers when Langford is attempting a second bite of the apple.  The Press of Atlantic City put it well when they flatly stated in an April 14 editorial, “public office is not where they (Langford) belong”. 

A second concern regards Mr. Cappella.  Debating an employee is a potential conflict because a clear and present danger exists that confidential City business could be disclosed.  Additionally, since Mr. Cappella is a subordinate employee, job performance issues cannot be adequately addressed or fully detailed due to privacy requirements.

I want it fully understood that I would be honored and privileged to address any organization at any time of their choosing, but I will not do so in the presence of individuals with whom I have ethical issues or in Cappella’s case, confidentiality conflicts.