For Immediate Release
August 28, 2007
Contact:  Charles B. Turner  (609) 428-7051
AC Committee to Recall Bob Levy Calls For Levy to Resign Immediately
Atlantic City-
The Committee to Recall Bob Levy From the Office of Mayor of Atlantic City has called for Bob Levy to resign immediately, in the wake of more scandals involving members of Levy's Administration in Atlantic City government.
"Bob Levy is a disgrace", said Charles B. Turner a sponsor of the citizens petition to Recall Levy as Mayor.
"Bob Levy has repeatedly promised that neither he nor any of his cabinet officials are involved with corruption in Atlantic City government"
 "We now know that this is not true with the indictments today of David Callaway, Floyd Talley, and Councilman John Schultz, all who were either running mates or were hired to high levels of government by Bob Levy", said Turner.
"We are today, calling for Bob Levy to resign immediately after he fires all of the undesirable individuals that he has brought into Atlantic City government with him, Said Turner. "It's time for Bob Levy to go and permit honor and integrity to be returned to Atlantic City Government", said Turner.
"Bob Levy must be held personally accountable for the crime and corruption that he has brought with him into Atlantic City government", said Turner.
"Bob Levy has been the obvious subject of compromise by certain individuals who are holding something over his head to try and force him to stay in an office that he has been proven unworthy and unfit to hold. This must end now", said Turner.
"Levy has proven himself to be an unprincipled liar, who should never be permitted to hold a position of public trust ever again", said Turner.
"The shame and disgrace that Bob Levy has subjected the people of Atlantic City to can be easily corrected, by Levy resigning immediately after he fires his entire cabinet with him", said Turner.
"Atlantic City has gone through enough with the Bob Levy sideshow and circus. "It's time for Levy to resign on his own, or face his certain recall from office", said Turner, who is "urging the citizens of Atlantic City to join with us in demanding that Bob Levy resign immediately from office".