What Are THEY Hanging Over Bob Levy's Head To Force Him To STAY In Office?
(I Know, and I Believe That You Will Soon).
An Opinion
                                                             Photo By Don Hurley
By Don P. Hurley
Managing Editor
August 28, 2007
Normally, devious individuals will seek to learn or gather information on public figures, with a purpose to force them OUT of a particular office.
But that's not the case with Bob Levy, the Phantom Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey, whom I submit that THEY are hanging something over Levy's head to KEEP him in an office that he does not desire to hold.
Am I the only one who is curious about what THEY are holding over the head of Bob Levy to force him into staying in an office that everyone being honest knows he has no real desire to serve?
You might ask who I mean by THEY? THEY are the same ones who have co-opted an entire administration in Atlantic City and reduced it to a gang of mostly unqualified, incompetent or corrupt thugs. 
Does anyone think that one city councilman was/is the only person being blackmailed in Atlantic City?
Is it not reasonable to assume that the syndicate in Atlantic City that tried to overturn the balance of power on City Council with a hidden video, could also be holding some sort of scandal over the head of Bob Levy in order to force him into staying as a phantom Mayor, so that they can hold onto power through his incompetence and absence?
Truth be told, I could care less about Bob Levy's personal foibles, were it not for the fact that these failures of character on the part of Levy have compromised the government, as well as the safety of the public in Atlantic City.
Simply put, I know that Bob Levy is a threat to the safety of the public and a threat to the future development of Atlantic City.
I also know that this latest charade of Bob Levy, posing as a Mayor this time, must end and further that he must be stopped soon.
People have been murdered in numbers never seen before, since Bob Levy and his brother Craig Callaway, hijacked City Hall in Atlantic City and turned it into their own version of Bada Bing.
Has anyone ever seen or heard Bob Levy speak one word about the senseless violence and murder in Atlantic City that has occurred on his watch, while Levy has never been on the job watching it at all?
The last time they rolled Levy out for an appearance, another man was found murdered inside a motor vehicle parked on a street in Atlantic City just a few blocks from where Levy was seen jumping up and down like a crazy man, and speaking words so indiscernible that TV-40 could not show Levy speaking the words on television.
Just as I knew Levy was a Phony Green Beret, and promised that I would prove it, I am certain that I also know what certain undesirables are holding over the head of Bob Levy to force him into staying as a stooge in the office of Mayor of Atlantic City.
Just as I proved that Levy was a phony Green Beret, I will prove this latest Levy scandal too, so everyone will know soon why Levy did not resign in disgrace after his unimaginable misuse of the United States Military was revealed.
I know exactly why Levy is refusing to resign as Mayor, even though I also know that he, his family and everyone else who cares about Levy, wants him to quit immediately.
I will not report what I know, until such time as I can prove it. I am hopeful that this will be in the very near future.
All I can say for now, is that I am as confident of my information, as I was of Levy's Phony Green Beret.
When you hear what this latest sordid tale involves, it will all become crystal clear why Levy hung around for these past several months, when anyone else would have resigned in shame immediately.
For now, you have to imagine what could be worse and more humiliating than being outted as a military fraud before the entire country, as Levy was last October, when my brother Harry and I exposed Bob Levy as a completely unprincipled liar and fraud for more than 40 years.
Be mindful that once Levy is gone, the gravy train ends for a gang of misfits that will never again be in positions of power and pay beyond any of their levels of incompetence.
So THEY are going all out to keep their useful idiot, Bob Levy, in office as long as is humanly possibly, no matter what a fool Levy continues to make of himself and, sadly, Atlantic City.
When I can prove what I already know, I will report it for you right here, just as my brother Harry and I did with Bob Levy's Phony Green Beret.
You may hardly be able to believe this one, though. But it is true, I know it.
Don P. Hurley