Whelan, The former Mayor of Atlantic City has gone public and is now calling for Bob Levy to publicly explain if he is under federal investigation.
Further, Whelan has called for Levy to resign if he is under federal investigation.
The former 3-term Mayor (Whelan) owed this to the public.
I congratulate him for doing the right thing. This is not easy for him, as they were once very close friends.
While some will say "what took you so long Jim" ... I choose instead to say, Thank you Jim!
When my Brother Don and I exposed Bob Levy for the fraud that he is (more then 18 months ago) ... and, then broke the story about Levy being a military fraud and poser ... very few were willing to join our pursuant of the truth.
Levy will be gone soon. He has disgraced the office to which he was elected to under suspicious circumstances in the first place.
Again, I extend my sincerest congratulations to Assemblyman Whelan. Leadership really does matter. And, Whelan has stepped up, albeit a little late ... but, nonetheless, he has stepped up in a totally unambiguous and meaningful way.
The drumbeat for Levy to go is now at full tilt. The pressure to be brought to bear is something that Levy cannot handle.