It is time, actually it's long over due time for this Bob Levy charade to come to an end.
Now, attorney Ed Jacobs says that Bob Levy is in the hospital, yet again. But, he won't say which hospital? I'm not going to repeat at this time where I have been told that Bob Levy is right now. 
The past 20 months have been an absolute public disgrace at so many levels. Abomination is not a strong enough word.
I don't believe there has ever been anything like this in all of American History!
Levy is a completely illegitimate Mayor in name only.
He is literally never on the job, yet he collects full and I might add hefty taxpayer paid salary and medical health benefits. 
I can't help but remember when we kept hearing that Craig Callaway was too sick to run, yet instead of running to a medical Doctor, Callaway ran to Ed Jacobs.
Now, Levy is once again "sick" and we hear from Ed Jacobs. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Ed Jacobs fan and he knows that well.
I am speaking about the fact that this region and a horrific local media have really let the people down. This charade should have ended long ago. But, all of the enablers, and you know who you are ... who had a stake in the money and the power, who did everything in their power to keep this farse alive. You are as responsible as Levy is ... in fact, I submit, you are more responsible ... Because you supported this scam from the beginning.
I commend Jim Whelan for finally coming out and telling the truth.
The walls are closing in, finally ... just like Richard Nixon, folks from the Governor's office, and here in the Region are telling Levy that he must go.
Levy will be gone from the office of Atlantic City Mayor very soon.