AWOL (Absent With Out Leave)
Bob Levy Has Vacated The Office of Mayor. It's Thunderdome in Atlantic City
It is the duty of Atlantic City Council and the proper legal authorities to bring about a legitimate Administrative Government In A.C.
Council President William Marsh must assume the position of Acting Mayor in Atlantic City!
By Don P. Hurley
Managing Editor
September 30, 2007
-Atlantic City
For Purposes of reference, Thunderdome is a fictitiously futuristic societies way of resolving disputes,grievances and matters of law while existing in a condition of a near state of anarchy.
I've placed Bob Levy's picture next to mine in this column, so that people will remember what he looks like, as Levy has not been seen in a long time.
I for one, am sick of hearing some say that people telling the truth about Bob Levy is akin to "kicking a man when he's down".
Bob Levy has been kicking the people of Atlantic City with lies and deception for more than 40 years while doing immeasurable harm to the condition and image of Atlantic City that will take years to overcome. 
It's time for Levy to go, and I submit that he is gone for good this time.
The whereabouts of Bob Levy may not be known presently to most people.
But one thing that is for certain. Bob Levy has vacated the office of Mayor of Atlantic City. A vacancy, not  the same as an ordinary "Leave of Absence". Levy has left.
Levy  is AWOL, (Absent With Out Leave), to borrow the military vernacular.
It is important to know that filling a vacancy for Mayor is different than merely a situation involving a normal"leave of absence", which this is not.
It is the duty of the President of Atlantic City Council to become the Acting Mayor of Atlantic City at this critical time to provide legitimacy and legal authority to government.
A proper transfer of the office of Mayor is accomplished in writing, when a legitimate Mayor transfers the powers and duties of the position to either the Business Administrator or some other eligible Department Head before he disappears. There is also proper notice given to the governing body and the public in normal situations.
None of this happened on Thursday, September 27, 2007.
Bob Levy, by many accounts had already agreed to resign from the position of Mayor last Thursday in a Press Conference that was to have occurred at City Hall.
The Governors Office was believed to have been awaiting a fax of the imminent Levy resignation letter at 1:00 PM last Thursday as well.
I was at City Hall last Thursday covering this story and directly heard several of Levy's cabinet officials and a family member say that Levy was due at City Hall  and would appear at the Mayors Office at 1:00 PM.
When Bob Levy did another impersonation, not as a Green Beret this time, but rather like Houdini doing another disappearing act, he ran to his lawyer Edwin Jacobs when Levy, just like his brother Craig Callaway, had a  medical problem.
What is about these guys like Levy and Callaway, that makes them rush to a criminal defense attorney, when they supposedly have medical problems?
Here's what the law says:
When Office is Deemed Vacant. The office of Mayor is deemed vacant when:
d. Upon the refusal of the Mayor to qualify or serve. (N.J.S.A. Title 40A:16-3)
In every municipality, if a vacancy occurs in the office of Mayor, by reason of death, resignation or otherwise, the presiding officer of the governing body SHALL become the Acting Mayor until a successor is elected and qualified. (N.J.S.A. Title 40A:9-131).
It is now incumbent upon Atlantic City Council President William Marsh to assume the position of Acting Mayor of Atlantic City in view of this statutory crisis.
The present situation involving the Mayors position in Atlantic City is so illegitimate and out of order, that on September 28, 2007, a full day after Bob Levy disappeared again, Dominic Cappella designated HIMSELF as acting Mayor.
This is a direct violation of NJ law, wherein Title 40:69A-42 clearly states and demands that "The Mayor SHALL designate the business administrator, any other Department head, or the Municipal Clerk to act as the Mayor", in his absence.
That did not happen here. And I submit for good reason, as Levy vacated the position, and did not take "leave of absence", as evidenced by Cappella attempting to designate himself as the Acting Mayor.
Dominic Cappella can not designate himself to act as a Mayor or anything else in Atlantic City government. Dominic Cappella has no legal authority in law to do what he has done or what he is doing now.
Simply put, Dominic Cappella is not the Acting Mayor of Atlantic City.
Again, I am saying that it is the duty of Council President William Marsh to become the Acting Mayor of Atlantic City as required by statute.
Every act and every decision that Cappella makes without proper legal authority places the city of Atlantic City in a terrible position of liability and jeopardy.
Just yesterday, October 1st, Cappella has already acknowledged that he has vetoed the Ordinance by Atlantic City Council, which wisely called for the elimination of the Kim Baldwin Department of Law that has placed the citizens of Atlantic City from one position of conflict to another for the past 21 months.
Cappella publicly admitted that he did this on the advise and counsel of Kim Baldwin. How can Kim Baldwin provide legal advice and counsel with regard to a matter that has direct effect upon her own personal position of employment?
This is how out of control the situation in Atlantic City has become.
Can anyone truthfully say that Bob Levy has not vacated the office of Mayor of Atlantic City?
I interviewed the spokesperson for Bob Levy, Nick Morici yesterday at City Hall and asked him where Bob Levy was and what is  his current status. Morici said he had not talked with Levy since last Wednesday and that he does not know where Levy is or what is wrong with him.
Bob Levy's own spokesman does not know where he is?
The only question that remains is what the responsible authorities will do about it.
It's time for leadership, strength and action.
It's Thunderdome. There are no rules and no laws being applied at the present time.
Mr. President Marsh, please end this madness. You have the power and the duty.
Please become the Acting Mayor of Atlantic City today, and put this longstanding nightmare to rest once and for all.
Don P. Hurley