Harry Hurley Update
Regarding Bob Levy ...
It's rather amazing to see all the "Jimmy Come Lately's" who are breathlessly calling for Atlantic City Mayor Bobv Levy to resign.
Even after everything that has occurred over the past almost two years ... Have you noticed that The Press of Atlantic City has still NOT called for Levy to resign?
They have suffered too great an embarrassment and have a personal stake in the Levy debacle to be objective. They stumped for Levy. They ignored his daily absence from City Hall and his job.
The Press Editorial Page has been more objective then the news staff ... but they were very late coming to the "dance."
You have had a front row seat to The Truth on the Levy matter since before he was elected ... here on 1020 WIBG Radio and at HarryHurley.com. 
I clearly advised the public that there was a serious competency/capacity issue in the first place regarding Levy. And, further that Craig Callaway had secured total control of Levy and hence acted as Mayor and decider in all things from the Atlantic City government perspective.
Now, all of a sudden, everyone and I mean everyone ... that is except for State Senator Sonny McCullough is piling on for Levy to step down.
For your information, Levy will be stepping down ... as early as tomorrow. Not because he wants to ... But, because he has no choice in the matter. 
Levy is under serious federal investigation.
Levy is unfit to serve any longer in this important position. Everyone has known this for a long time ... But, for some reason, they let this tragedy play out at least a year longer then it should have.
Candidly, Levy never really served even a single day in the position at all. Others ... namely, Craig Callaway and Craig Callaway political associates have run City Hall with (literally) a Bob Levy rubber stamp and ink pad ... and, on most occasions, not even bothering to pretend that Levy was in charge ... Because, obviously he was not!
My many phones have been ringing off of the hook ... and, my e-mail has filled to capacity on a daily basis. I have answered this same question several thousand times. "How does it feel to be right from second one about this Levy debacle, and, watching the entire nation swarm into Atlantic City and in most all cases credit someone else for your work"?
My answer is simple ... I am use to it.
To break it down ... Last October 30, 2006 ... and even before that ... that was merely the day that myself and my Brother Don went public with the results of our extensive and accurate investigation into Levy's phony claims of Special Forces, Green Beret status.
Something we haven't revealed until this morning, Don Hurley told Levy to his face in June of 2005 that he was NOT a Green Beret! You should have seen the fear in Levy's face ... him fully realizing that we knew his BIG LIE and that the whole charade was going to come down hard. 
We could have broken the Levy phony Green Beret story long before October 30, 2006. However, because we knew the seriousness of the charge, and, how life altering it would be for Levy and his family ... so, we did the right thing and we took our time and proceeded in a responsible manner.
I made the first contact to real Green Beret Don Bendell. He told me everything, however, he made a promise to Derek Harper at The Press, that he had the "Bendell" exclusive. I respected this.
However, The Press of Atlantic City got cold feet and chickened out when Kim Baldwin sent her infamous threatening letter ... a letter, that I firmly believe will land her in big trouble one day in the future. 
The difference was ... Harry and Don Hurley could not be threatened and did not back down.
Hence, we broke the story first. First at HarryHurley.com and then shortly therafter with Green Beret Don Bendell here at 1020 WIBG Radio.
The Atlantic City Press followed about two weeks later. I'll never be able to prove this ... But, there is a strong likelihood that had not Harry and Don Hurley broke the Levy phony Green Beret story, The Press of Atlantic City never would have.
They knew of many atrocities happening with the Levy government and either didn't report, or, under reported ... I believe in designed effort to protect Levy and to keep Levy in office for as long as possible.    
In the run-up to our breaking news report, which make no mistake was the first report, confirming Levy's problems ... we received nothing but grief for it.
We were threatened .. in some cases physically ... we were called hateful names and received other threats about how much trouble we were in and worse. We were told that we would have to move five states away and that wouldn't be far enough.
We were threatened that Levy had written proof that he was a Green Beret.
Further, do you know that even after Don and I exposed Levy as a military fraud ... Levy allowed himself to be introduced in Atlantic City at a military gathering as a Ranger and a Paratrooper?
One quick item, which I have never spent an appropriate amount of time on ... the local military organizations who intentionally sat on their hands regarding phony Levy claims, I say shame on you. And, even worse, some folks with a military background actually served as Levy enablers and defended Levy's conduct. You did Levy no good with this, and, you dealt the public a huge disservice.   
So, the reality is that at the time we broke the news ... we received all the blame and threats about what was to come our way. So, then we did get the credit/blame for breaking the Levy story.
But ... now, that the TRUTH has reached that glorious 3rd and final stage ... becoming SELF EVIDENT ... Others are taking the credit.
So, in the end, we received the blame when we were first for being WRONG, when in truth, we were completely right ... then, in the end, we received little, to no credit for being right from the beginning.
And, it even goes further then this outrage ... Now, certain liars are saying that we didn't even break the Levy story at all. Which is really funny, because they are the same people who said how much trouble we were in for breaking the story in the first place.
It's almost impossible to follow this twisted, Orwellian logic that presently exists in our region.
A Wednesday report that I will file later this week goes into some detail about the Levy matter and how Jim Whelan went from Bob Levy creator ... to Bob Levy enabler ... to now relentlessly calling for Bob Levy to resign. It's an amazing trick and Whelan has pulled it off ... while Sonny McCullough blinked.
It's beyond ironic ... it's down right bizarre. Whelan gave us Levy in the first place, and now Whelan is capitalizing on a daily basis and scoring huge election points for his (reversal) position regarding Levy. Look this Wednesday for all the details regarding Whelan and Levy and more.