Absent Without Levy?
Bob Levy Will Never Return To City Hall
I Believe That Levy Is About To Accept a Generous Plea Agreement From The Federal Government. 
What Happens Next In AC?
Photo By Don Hurley
By Don P. Hurley
Managing Editor
October 6, 2007
I attended a Press Conference on the Boardwalk yesterday afternoon, where Governor Jon Corzine appeared in Atlantic City to address the subject of the Missing Mayor Bob Levy.
Also accompanying Governor Corzine was NJ State Assemblyman Jim Whelan.
There was not much in the way of new news learned this afternoon, with the exception that there was one common thread occurring throughout the Press Conference.
Both Governor Corzine and Assemblyman Whelan assured the media throng (some dozen television stations and countless reporters), and the citizens gathered of two things:
1. That the state was here to help, but hopefully not take-over Atlantic City following the disappearance of Phantom Mayor Bob Levy.
2. That this vacancy, disappearance, sickness, illness, injury, etc, by Bob Levy would not be permitted to last very much longer.
I asked Governor Corzine the following question:
"Governor Corzine:  The US Attorney Chris Christie has publicly reported that Bob Levy is under Federal Investigation, even though Levy has denied for more than 21 months that he was ever under investigation. Is the State of NJ merely going to wait some unspecified period of time for Levy to resign, or will the State of NJ recognize that Bob Levy has vacated the office of Mayor?"
The answer I received to my question from Governor Corzine: "This will not last much longer". I believe that the Governor is right. 
It is important for you to know that Bob Levy is never going to return to Atlantic City Hall as Mayor of Atlantic City.
Levy is finished for good, and will never be permitted to serve in a position of public trust ever again. And that is a good thing.
I firmly believe that Bob Levy will be held fully accountable for his abuse and misuse of our United States Military, as he should be.
Using a phony membership card to attempt to trick and cheat your way into the most elite fighting force in the history of the world for your own twisted and selfish personal gain, should bring the bearer the harshest penalties provided for by law.
While our citizens committee has been working hard to recall Bob Levy for many months, it is interesting to me just how many people would ask "what's next, what happens after Levy is gone", as if there was never a doubt that he would be gone. There certainly was no doubt in my mind either.
It is my opinion that, all along, it was the desire of the state of New Jersey to have intentionally permitted the corruptive and dysfunctional behavior of Bob Levy in order to advance a state takeover of Bader Field and other significant issues in Atlantic City.
I said then, and I say now, that the thought of Atlantic City  being "Absent Without Levy" is a pleasant one, while recognizing that Levy's situation is a human tragedy, all at the same time.
The damage that Bob Levy has done will take years to recover from, which is why my deepest sympathy is reserved for the good citizens of Atlantic City, who have been so terribly cheated for nearly two years now by Levy.
However, I will say that while I have looked forward to a city hall in Atlantic City minus Bob Levy, I have not looked forward to the scramble that is about to take place with regard to filling the vacancy for Mayor. It is a necessary part of the process though.
Here is how I see the events of near future in Atlantic City:
1. Any day now, I believe that Bob Levy will resurface from his mysterious disappearance.
2. I believe that Bob Levy will accept a generous plea agreement offered by the Federal Government, which will banish Levy from public life once and for all. 
3. What happens from here on, is critical for the sake of the administration of government, the public safety and future development of Atlantic City.
4. There needs to be an orderly transfer of authority to a legally authorized, legitimate and honest administrative branch in Atlantic City Government.
5. Atlantic City must get their act in order and swiftly, so that the state of New Jersey is not given more cause to move in and attempt a take over (as I have been saying for nearly two years I believe is their mission).
6. The filling of this vacancy of Mayor of Atlantic City must be immediately filled by the President of Atlantic City Council, William 'Speedy" Marsh, as required by law.
7. Within 15 days of the declaration of the vacancy of Mayor, the local Democratic Committee may submit the names of (3) nominees to City Council, who in the interest of the public good, must not be friends or family members of Craig Callaway or Bob Levy.
8. While the city committee endeavors to select (3) nominees to submit to city council, it is important for the committee members not associated with Craig Callaway to insure that there is only one vote given per person, and not three votes each as done by Callaway on previous occasions to "stack" the results in a predetermined desire. 
9. One person /One Vote by Democratic Committee Members is the key!
It is important to note that the committee is voting for only one replacement to fill the vacancy, (not three), and that the top three finishers in the election by the committee are the ones to be submitted to City Council for nomination to fill the vacancy.
10. City Council has 15 days from the time of the occurrence of the vacancy to review these nominees and either accept or reject them.
The law says that the procedure for filling a vacancy for Mayor, is handled differently.
Now, here's the difference for filling a vacancy in the office of Mayor, as opposed to filling any other vacancy or office as required by statute:
A. Should City Council accept one of the three nominees from the local democratic committee, than the nominee shall serve as the successor and Mayor of Atlantic City until the next General Election occurring in November of 2008.
B. Should City Council reject the (3) nominees submitted by the local Democratic Committee, than the President of City Council continues to serve as the Acting Mayor of Atlantic City.
C. It is at this time that the City Clerk is compelled to immediately cause a Special Election to be held no sooner than 45 days and no more than 50 days following the declaration of the vacancy.
D. The person elected in this Special Election, shall serve a term to last until the next General Election, which  would occur in November of 2008.
I hope this clears up some of the confusion with respect to what I have submitted, and what I believe is about to occur.
Better days are coming for the people of Atlantic City, and soon!
PS  Am I the only one growing tired already of watching people that played no part whatsoever in bringing down this corruption in Atlantic City, running for television cameras to take bows, as if they actually did something? The re-write of history is on already!
Don P. Hurley