Jacobs Tells The Truth
Editor & Publisher
The bright and talented criminal defense attorney Ed Jacobs publicly admitted that the pressure brought to bear by the media was the reason that Bob Levy finally stepped down as Mayor of Atlantic City.
This is what I have been saying for nearly two years ... and, even more intensely over the past 18 months.
The Atlantic City Press editorial today says that Levy should have resigned long ago. Yet, the daily newspaper was a Levy enabler every step of the way ... never once calling for his resignation.
The Atlantic City Press endorsed Levy and regularly ignored his near daily absences from the job. They picked this guy and they were gonna ride him right to the very end.
And, only after he quit ... fitting by a letter written and released by someone else ... did The Atlantic City Press say that Levy should have been gone long ago.
If they really felt that way, why didn't they say so? 
Ed Jacobs said yesterday, what we've been saying here all along ... it was the media pressure.
Levy held on by a thread while it was only Harry and Don Hurley on the Levy case.
But, when the national media finally came into Atlantic City and shined the spotlight of truth ... Levy melted.
If The Atlantic City Press had their way, Levy would still be in there right now. So, please forgive me if I can't accept their new script at face value.