Editor & Publisher
November 1, 2007
After a very bumpy start ... Atlantic City's Acting Mayor, William "Speedy" Marsh appears to be getting his legs under him.
Several very good and long over due moves by Marsh, look decisive, and, they are right!
Marsh ordered Anthony Swan to withdraw the ridiculous appeal regarding the Craig Callaway pay raise scheme, which the dismissed former City legal staffer Kim Baldwin had aggressively appealed all the way to the New Jersey State Supreme Court.
An exact accounting of how much tax dollars were wasted by Baldwin litigating this absurd case through the local, state, appellate and Supreme Courts needs to be revealed to the public.
Additionally, Marsh has settled a long overdue contract with the City's deserving Blue-Collar Union. This has stalled for nearly 2 years during the ugly and incompetent Bob Levy/Craig Callaway years in Atlantic City.
Finally, Marsh has promoted deserving Professional Fire officials and will promote deserving Police officials tomorrow.
All in all, it's been a good week for Marsh.
However, in fairness, it must be pointed out that this is all low-lying fruit here that Marsh has picked thus far.
Ending an appeal that never should have occurred in the first place, or, promoting from an existing list of deserving candidates ... or, settling an employee contract that was already done ... this didn't require any skill ... merely, the willingness to do the right thing ... which Marsh did and he gets the credit for doing the right thing here.
But, let's have a reality check here ... It's impossible to look worse than Bob Levy did. Levy cannot ever be the standard that we measure a Mayor by, ever!
There are many important items ahead in Atlantic City that will require bold and decisive leadership on Marsh's part.