This has to go in the "Believe if or Not" category!
If you've been wondering where Jim McGettigan has been ... you need not wait any longer for an explanation!
Atlantic County Democratic County Executive candidate Jim McGettigan revealed that he has been told that he is NOT allowed to speak on local talk radio.
Worse, McGettigan has obliged!
McGettigan made this admission directly to local radio talk show host Barbara Altman. Altman had been calling Jim McGettigan ... who would not return her calls.
I have learned and confirmed that Altman saw McGettigan and he admitted to her that "I have been told that I am not allowed to appear on the radio." 
There are some really important questions that must be answered here in a hurry.
First, who has ordered Jim McGettigan to go under ground?
Second, When we find out who gave the order ... we also have to find out why McGettigan agreed to go along with this.
Third, it is only fair to questions, if "they" (whoever they are) control McGettigan's thought and conscience in this highly (politically) corrupt manner ... Do they exercise any other control over McGettigan's free thought?
After all, at least for the moment, Jim McGettigan is a high ranking Atlantic County Constitutional Officer.
To say that is highly disturbing is such an understatement.
Fourth, Could any law enforcement decisions in Atlantic County be presently compromised by whoever is wielding such unnatural influence over Jim McGettigan.
The public deserves and must demand answers to these and other important questions.
Jim McGettigan has long ago personally and unprofessionally disqualified himself of any serious consideration for Atlantic County Executive.
Now, it looks like McGettigan is playing his way out as Sheriff of Atlantic County. That important election is just one year away.
On November 7th the campaign to defeat Jim McGettigan for Sheriff should begin in earnest. The Region has now witnessed for itself, what I have been articulating to you for the past 12 years.
But, like all things ... people grasp a hold of issues and concepts in their own good time. As it should be. From this date forward, Jim McGettigan bears watching. We need to keep an eye ... a very close eye on Jim McGettigan!