"Hurley in the Morning"
"Hurley in the Morning" has learned and confirmed that Patricia Wild has completed the required four (4) way background check required to be considered for a New Jersey Superior Court Judgeship.
I have further confirmed that Wild's potential appointment presently sits on Governor Jon Corzine's desk.
What an early test this will be for Jim Whelan. Ron Ruff has been waiting for this for two years. What will Whelan do? Ruff is no doubt going to remind Whelan with the proverbial "You owe me Jim ... I helped deliver 5-6 million dollars to make you Senator!"
Would Whelan dare exercise the enormous power of Senatorial Couresy? Thereby denying his own Party Chairman's wife a coveted appointment ... which would basically set Wild's employment for the rest of her life?
What an ultimate political trap play this is for Whelan! There are simply no good options.
If he blesses this political appointment, he is immediately paying back Camden County ... which was the big charge against Whelan during the recent campaign ... that Whelan would be beholden to Camden County political power brokers.
What a great and deliciously ironic first test this will be.
If Whelan blocks the nomination ... then his own political party chairman will be on the war path against him.
Ron Ruff has taken a lot of slings and arrows ... and smiles about it all the way like Bad Santa Claus ... Because he no doubt felt that a Whelan victory would surely open up this cushy and coveted appointment for his wife.
Now, get ready ... because the Democrats are gonna say that Harry Hurley is lying ... so, I am asking you to help me smoke this one out.
Please just ask Jim Whelan and Ron Ruff a few simple questions:
NOTE: Patricia Wild has completed her 4 way background check. For the record, I'm sure that she meets the basic requirements for the job. This is by no means a personal attack. You may recall that Patricia Wild was Dennis Levinson's Democrat opponent before she dropped out of the race 4 years ago. Levinson went on to run unopposed. Levinson basically ran unopposed again this year ... with Jim Mcgettigan staging the worst electoral at large performance in Atlantic County history.
Here are 3 simple questions:    
1. Ask Whelan and Ruff ... Is Patricia Wild being considered for a Superior Court Judgeship? A simple YES or NO question.
2. Did Patricia Wild complete the required 4-way background check? Again, a very simple YES or NO question.
3. Is Patrica Wild's potential nomination sitting on Governor Jon Corzine's desk right now? 
These are very simple questions and I have already vetted the correct answers out for each of these questions. The correct answers are: YES, YES and YES!
You have to wonder how thoroughly qualified, real local folks like Norman Zlotnick, Jeff Waldman and others feel about constantly being overlooked for outsiders. Patricia Wild and Ron Ruff are from Camden County.