Editor & Publisher
As I guaranteed would be the case ... The Atlantic City Press has already begun, what no doubt will be an exhaustive effort to try and unseat United States Congressman Frank LoBiondo.
They barely waited 1 day after the 2007 General Election to get started!
They have already concluded that because Senators McCullough and Asselta lost ... That LoBiondo is now diminished.
So, does it stand to reason that when LoBiondo smoked ... no make that trounced ... no, make that wiped out Bill Gormley in 1994 that Gormley was diminished? Funny, they never said that. And, when LoBiondo backed scores of candidates over Gormley's choices over the years ... Gormley wasn't diminished then either. And, when LoBiondo backed McCullough over Frank Blee ... and McCullough won in a 60% to 40% rout ... Gormley wasn't diminished then, either!
Every other candidate that LoBiondo backed won in District 2 this past November 6th. But, The Atlantic City Press has decided that the only one that counts is Jim Whelan beating McCullough.
And, if McCullough won over Whelan and the rest of the Republicans ticket lost ... LoBiondo would be a loser then (too) ... because so many seats would have gone the other way.
It's sick!
It simply doesn't matter that John Amodeo, Vince Polistina, Denny Levinson, Joe McDevitt, Rich Dase, Joe Nickels, Roger Silva, Amy Gatto and scores of other local Republican candidates all won.
LoBiondo is now a loser simply because Jim Whelan won and Sonny McCullough lost.
Get ready for the most biased and the most revolting form of revisionist history to come from the Atlantic City Press. They think their time is now to place liberals every where.  
Just this past Saturday, I mentioned to Congressman LoBiondo that the Atlantic City Press would be coming after him. They didn't wait a day, with yesterday's pure propaganda ... which should have to be reported as  in kind contributions to Democrat candidates.
They don't even thinly disguise it any more. They are full blown kook left biased and they just can't help themselves.
Wait until you see how biased their coverage will be this year.
Fortunately, fewer and fewer people get their real news from newspapers like the Atlantic City Press any more. The District 2 results from last Tuesday illustrate this point.
When you examine Congressman LoBiondo's track record over the past 12 years ... any fair evaluation can only yield that you simply can't work any harder ... or, dedicate yourself any more then LoBiondo has.
LoBiondo's performance on issues important to the District and his skill sets at the National level, make him far and away the best person to represent us in Washington, D.C.
The General Elections of  2007 are not even certified yet. But that won't stop the National Democratic Committee
and their pals like the Atlantic City Press from ganging up on LoBiondo. It's already started.