For Immediate Release:  November 15, 2007
Contact:  Charles B. Turner, (609) 428-7051
Levy Recall Committee Calls For Special Election For Mayor In Atlantic City
-Atlantic City
The Committee that worked to Recall Bob Levy from the Office of Mayor of Atlantic City has called for a Special Election to be held in the upcoming replacement process to fill the vacancy for Mayor created by the Levy scandal.
"Our committee and the citizens of Atlantic City worked very hard to remove Bob Levy from office, and to allow a few members of a local committee to decide who should be the next Mayor of Atlantic City is wrong", said Jo Ann Daly, a spokesperson for the committee.
"This is exactly what we fought against", said Charles B. Turner, "we fought long and hard to remove the influence of Craig Callaway from Atlantic City government, and now Callaway's club is going to attempt to rip off one more election?".
"The citizens of Atlantic City deserve to vote for who their next Mayor will be in a Special Election, and we believe that the intent of Title 40:A:16-14 supports our position," said Turner. 
"We are urging the members of Atlantic City Council not to vote for any of the nominees supplied by the Atlantic City Democrat Committee, and to compel the City Clerk to cause a Special Election to be held for the purpose of electing a new Mayor of Atlantic City so that the voters of Atlantic City can be properly heard", concluded Daly.