This no doubt comes as a shock to many, however, after a whole lot of consideration, my choice is Scott Evans. After you get over the shock about what you have just read or  heard about my decision ... I believe that you will see that (in the end) it makes a great deal of sense.
This is all predicated upon the current set of assumptions that the selection will occur according to Judge Val Armstrong's recent ruling. Further, that the New Jersey Appellate Court will not stay the Armstrong decision, pending appeal.
My first choice is for Mayor Speedy Marsh to continue as Atlantic City Mayor until a Special Election can be held. But, this is looking all but impossible at this late hour.
Also, it must be noted that neither of 3 (Evans, Domenic Cappela or Barbara Hudgins) are truly acceptable candidates. And, not one of them could ever be elected by the people.
My first impression was that Domenic Cappella may have been the one to select among Evans and Hudgins.
However, one of the first things that Cappella would do is bring back Kim Baldwin. This would be a disaster. Further, Cappella is also way too close to Craig Callaway.
Evans has promised to serve only one year, and, that he will not run for the position, which would mean this upcoming June, 2008 Primary, will give the citizens of Atlantic City the opportunity to fill an open seat.
Evans has also promised to work with City Council. This is extremely important. Maybe Evans is lying about this and more ... time will tell.
But, let me quote my Brother Don, who said about these 3 choices: "It's like trying to decide whether you want to get Shot, stabbed or hanged."
The choices are no doubt horrific. But, if City Council does not select one of the 3 tonight ... Then the Atlantic City Democratic Committee, still controlled by Craig Callaway, can pick whoever it wants.
That is an even more unacceptable alternative. Further, Domenic Cappella has the votes to win, if it comes down to the Committee tonight. This must be stopped.
The reluctant choice must be for City Council to act tonight and select Scott Evans. 
As bizarre and unappealing this is ... the alternatives are far worse.
It will then be up to Evans to show that he is a man of his word and that he intends to do good. We won't have to wait long to see which way Evans will go.
One of the first things Evans will do is bring back attorney Dan Gallagher ... most probably in a tax appeal role. Do not immediately reject this move.
There is a major investigation coming. Get ready for it. And, it's going to get really ugly. And, while I have had my differences with Dan, because of his undying loyalty to Craig Callaway ... Gallagher is very experienced in Atlantic City tax appeals ... something that the City is lacking at the present time.