I am hopeful that newly appointed Atlantic City Mayor Scott Evans is sincere in his opening pledges to the citizens of Atlantic City.
Evans has just under one year to make a difference.
And, let's be honest, he has a really tough act to follow.
Immediate past Mayor William "Speedy" Marsh did more in 7 weeks then any elected official I have ever encountered.
Mayor Marsh will seek the position, again and this basically begins immediately. The June primary will be here before you know it.
At this point, I am going to take Mayor Evans at his word.
Evans says that he understands that he was not elected by the people. He acknowledged the added burden that this places upon him in terms of legitimacy.
However, he has been given a once in a lifetime opportunity, without even having to run for office. Without being properly vetted by the public in terms of determining suitability or qualification ... He has received custody of the highest office in Atlantic City.
It is a sacred trust. Evans must rise above how he got to where he is now ... He also has another heavy burden ... Evans is very closely aligned to Craig Callaway ... This is a huge negative ... However, Evans can very quickly remove this cloud by his deeds.
This will all become apparent in the very near future.
I'm betting on Evans at this point to rise above all of this and spend the next year making a positive difference. It's not only the smart thing to do ... It's the right thing to do ... Also, wouldn't be a whole lot better to return to your superior officer position within the fire department ... with people saying what a high quality, good job you did ... rather then, the opposite?
Also, on the point of the board of education seat ... You can not serve as Mayor and the school board ... even under these circumstances ... In fact, Evans should have resigned from the Atlantic City Board of Education prior to taking his Oath of Office as Mayor.
There is no such thing as a Leave of Absence.
That seat needs to be promptly filled by appointment of the Board of Education.