"Hurley in the Morning"
Editor & Publisher
There is an immediate vacancy on the Atlantic City Board of Education.
This is such a crucial time in the history of this Board and the City as a whole.
As such, there is no time for on the job training. This vital public position must be filled by a person who has demonstrated the capacity to lead ... who is not afraid to make tough decisions ... and, is not afraid to stand up to any and all bad, special interests.
That person is Atlantic City resident and property owner, JoAnn Daly. She has already proven herself worthy.
JoAnn is already a proven winner in every way.
When it was not popular ... JoAnn stood up against Craig Callaway and his rotten political associates. JoAnn put her name and address on various important petitions ... which largely brought about the positive changes that we see occurring today.
While I have not yet had the opportunity to speak directly to JoAnn about her potential candidacy ... I have learned from several reliable sources that she is interested.
JoAnn is college educated and degreed. JoAnn has always had a special and pure interest in education.
She is not afraid to speak her mind, take the tough stand, and, she is also a great team player.
There is no single person in Atlantic City at this crucial time who deserves this consideration more than JoAnn.
While Craig Callaway was maniacally wielding power as Atlantic City Council President and trying to double his salary ... so he could take twice the pay ... Because he well knew he was already pinched by the Feds and would soon be heading to jail ... JoAnn Daly stood up against Callaway.
JoAnn fearlessly placed her name as one of the required Committee of Petition Members. I repeat ... It was not safe when JoAnn took this tough stand. And, it was far from assured how that whole petition process would end up. JoAnn did the right thing, instead of worrying about the corrupt political agenda that was prevailing at the time. 
I am one citizen who is sick and tired of watching the hardest of hard working volunteers get screwed ... while people who did little or nothing to bring about the current positive change ... continue to be rewarded.
This is unacceptable and it must stop here and now!
I rarely hand out public endorsements any more, because so few people are truly worth it.
However, I am making an exception in JoAnn Daly's case. Because she deserves it, and, the Atlantic City Board of Educations needs and deserves her volunteer talents.
This is a real opportunity to trade one of the most loyal Craig Callaway Political Lieutenants (Scott Evans) for an absolutely terrific and truly dynamic individual in JoAnn Daly. 
Don't blow it.