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PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. Veteran law enforcement officer Frank Balles today announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Atlantic County in a news conference attended by personal and professional supporters. 

The 22-year veteran of the Pleasantville Police Department said it was time to restore leadership, integrity and pride into a sheriff’s office that has steadily declined over the past decade. Balles, a police captain in Pleasantville, said his first goals as Sheriff will be to renew relations with local police chiefs, increase patrols in underserved communities of Atlantic County, and to perform the Constitutional duties of Sheriff.

 “I want to direct a Sheriff’s Office that will partner with local departments to deter violent crimes and drug activities, to pursue fugitives from justice and to make our roads safer through traffic and drunk driving enforcement patrols,” said Balles, a lifelong resident of Atlantic County currently residing in Egg Harbor Township.  

Balles described himself as a strong advocate for community policing techniques and programs to involve the public in making their neighborhoods safer. He feels the Sheriff’s Department can contribute to establishing those kinds of community-based programs in towns that need a larger law enforcement presence. 

Balles said his career experiences, with 17 years in supervisory capacities, including acting Chief of Police, will give him the skills necessary to reverse the decline of the principles of Service, Accountability, Integrity and Professionalism necessary in a modern law enforcement department. 

“The men and women of the Sheriff’s Department are professionals who want leadership and direction so that they can accomplish their mission to provide for the safety of Atlantic County’s residents, businesses and visitors,” said Balles. His experience and


News Release: December 20, 2007, Balles Candidacy for Sheriff, Page 2

training will assure the sheriff’s deputies that they will be guided by a dedicated law enforcement professional. 

The candidate has gathered support from political and law enforcement leaders who have encouraged him to pursue the party endorsement. Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson said, "Frank Balles has a wonderful reputation in the community. He is well respected by his peers in law enforcement and Frank brings a wealth of experience to the Sheriff's position."


State Senator Sonny McCullough introduced Balles at the announcement at the Pleasantville Police Department. “Frank Balles has all the qualifications and leadership skills to be a great Atlantic County Sheriff,” said Senator McCullough.


Balles, 45, is married with two grown children, and is a graduate of the Greater Egg Harbor school district. His education includes dozens of professional certifications, from NJ Certified Public Manager, West Point Command and Leadership Program, Internal Affairs Procedures, Grants management Training, Accident Analysis, Cultural Diversity to Human Resources Management Training for the Law Enforcement Executive.