State of New Jersey                                                                                           May 17. 2007          

Office of Government Integrity

P.O. Box 063

Trenton, NJ 08625-0063


re:  File Complaint and request investigation into Mayor Bob Levy Settlement/Lawsuit

      against City of Atlantic City, NJ.


To whom it may concern,


By way of this letter I  respectfully wish to file a formal complaint and request a full investigation into the matter involving a financial settlement and law suit that Atlantic City Mayor Bob Levy engaged upon, while simultaneously serving as the Mayor of Atlantic City. (In a matter that was resolved on or about April of 2007).


It is my knowledge and belief that Mayor Bob Levy, while simultaneously serving as the Mayor of Atlantic City and engaging in a personal financial remuneration scheme from the tax-payers of Atlantic in the way of a law suit against the city he is sworn to represent, may have violated public policy and state law.


It is further my knowledge and belief that Bob Levy, while serving simultaneously as Mayor of Atlantic City, may have been intimately involved, either personally or through other individuals who serve at his pleasure, by intentionally creating a process to give an illusion of neutrality, while at the same time, engineering a process completely orchestrated and controlled by either Bob Levy, or individuals who serve at his pleasure to personally advance his (Levy's) desired outcome, (to financially remunerate himself in a law suit while simultaneously serving as the elected Mayor of the city of Atlantic City).


It is further my knowledge and belief that there may have been an intentionally created  scenario, wherein Bob Levy, or others who serve at his pleasure,  placed Levy in a position, wherein witnesses and others who had a knowledge of the facts of the case would NOT be heard, and only those individuals and documenting evidence favorable to Bob Levy would be heard, in an effort to advance Levy's desired outcome and generate a record that would only support Bob Levy's own personal desires.


For all of the enclosed reasons, (and perhaps many others), I am respectfully requesting to file a formal complaint and request a full investigation into the entire process utilized and the outcome to remunerate Bob Levy personally, while he was simultaneously acting as Mayor of Atlantic City to advance his own personal agenda at the expense of the tax-paying public of Atlantic City, NJ.


Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.




Don P. Hurley

P.O. Box #4

Atlantic City, NJ 08404


cc:  Attorney General Stuart Rabner

      State of New Jersey