Practicing Law On Friday the 13th?
By Don P. Hurley
Contributing Editor
July 9, 2007    
I filed a Motion to intervene in a matter before the New Jersey Superior Court in Atlantic County on June 27, 2007  for the attention of Judge Valerie Armstrong.
I'll have my day in court and have been assured that I will be heard this Friday, July 13th.
Friday the 13th seems a fitting day to me for hearing a matter that I find as abhorrent as this matter involving the disgraced Bob Levy and his operatives, who are currently masquerading as a government administration in Atlantic City.
It should be known that I have never been a superstitious person, excepting for my involvement in sports, where I recall observing many superstitions,such as "lucky socks or jerseys, and not ever being willing to step on the chalk lines of a baseball field", to name a few that immediately come to my mind.
However, appearing in NJ Superior Court on this Friday the 13th, brings me thoughts of nothing but good luck.
I feel lucky to be living in the greatest and the freest country in the world, wherein when you observe things happening in government that are so wrong, that you are free to do something about it if you so choose.
I did so when I filed a motion to intervene in the matter before the court concerning the recall of Bob Levy as the Phantom Mayor of Atlantic City.
The citizens of Atlantic City are being obstructed by a rogue City Clerk, named Rosemary Adams and  Craig Callaway's Consigliary, named Kim Baldwin, who have both (in my opinion) been willingly participating in the violations of basic and fundamental rights of the people, ever since Bob Levy swore an oath upon the Quoran to preserve and defend the constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey.
Craig Callaway's Consigliary, Kim Baldwin, is posing as a City Solicitor in Atlantic City, just as Bob Levy posed as a Phony Green Beret in furtherance of advancing the work and agenda of the Craig Callaway syndicate, within the framework of a puppet regime of a no-show  government operating in the name of Bob Levy.
Kim Baldwin presently serves at the pleasure of the Phantom Mayor of Atlantic City, Craig Callaway's order-taker, Bob Levy, who is better known as Bob Levy.
I delivered my court papers personally to Kim Baldwin at City Hall in Atlantic City, (also better known as Bada-Bing since Levy and Callaway arrived), to advise her and the City of Atlantic City of my intention to intervene in the matter before the court and the person she is attempting to shield from justice, namely Bob Levy.
Kim Baldwin never had the decency to speak face to face with me, but rather chose to shout a series of nasty remarks from an office within the solicitors office at Bada-Bing. 
Kim Baldwin said that I should learn what I am doing before I continue to "practice law". I assured her that I was not attempting to practice law, as I am not a lawyer, but that I would however be fully participating in our system of justice.
In a spirit of full disclosure, I did ask Baldwin if her losing every case on behalf of the people of Atlantic City, is how she defines her "practicing law"?
Callaway's Consigliary Baldwin asked me why don't I go back out of town where I belong? I informed Baldwin that almost the entire cabinet of Craig Callaway and Bob Levy lives outside of Atlantic City, and I further asked if they should go back out of town where they belong, too?
I also informed Baldwin that I do not believe that she is a resident either, as I have two reliable sources that tell me she is a resident outside of Atlantic City, too.
Baldwin then informed me from another room in the solicitors office that I would not be in this case much longer.
 It should be noted that Kim Baldwin has wasted more tax-payer money and time in exhausting herself ,by filing more court documents with Judge Armstrong on behalf of Bob Levy, to attempt to have me excluded from participating in this case.
If I do not know what I am doing, as Baldwin previously stated, than why is she so fearful of me participating in this matter against her?
At this point I advised Baldwin that I believed that I would be involved in this case a lot longer than she would be.
Which brings me to Rule 20:1-1 of New Jersey Attorney Ethics, which is better known as "The Law of New Jersey Lawyering". Rule 20:1-1 deals specifically with "Conflicts in the Public Arena".
Now, I am not a lawyer, so these rules do not apply to me, however they do apply to Kim Baldwin, Esq.
Please allow me to outline the following:
1.  Attorneys in the Public Arena are not permitted by law and ethics to advance issues or matters that accompany with them, a direct affect or impact upon the lawyer in question themselves.
2.  Not only are lawyers required to avoid conflicts of interest in the public arena, they are to adhere to an even more stringent interpretation of these rules and principles, and must avoid even the "appearance of a conflict or impropriety" while conducting matters of business on behalf of the public.
3.  Kim Baldwin presently serves at the pleasure of the person that our committee is attempting to recall from the office of Mayor in Atlantic City, namely Bob Levy, better known as Bob Levy. 
4.  Kim Baldwin would not be in the public position she presently holds were it not for Bob Levy, (and to be completely descriptive, because of Craig Callaway through Bob Levy).
5.  Yet it is Baldwin, who has admitted on the court record that she is the one representing Rosemary Adams, who is obstructing the citizens of Atlantic City to attempt to keep Bob Levy in office longer than he ever should have been.
6.  Is it reasonable to believe that by advocating on behalf of Adams and in affect, Levy, that she is more specifically advocating for herself and her personal job? Because, when Bob Levy goes from his phantom job at city hall, so does Kim Baldwin and the rest of the Callaway organization as well.
7.  It is important to note that in 2004, the NJ Supreme Court added a specific provision to the law in dealing with the "appearance doctrine of conflicts" within the public arena for New Jersey Lawyers.
8.  The Supreme Court wisely decided by adding Rule RPC 1.8 (k), while prohibiting any lawyer employed by a public entity in any capacity from undertaking another representation if there is a substantial risk that the lawyers ability to provide independent advice or diligent and competent representation to either the public entity or the other client.
9.  The decision by the NJ Supreme Court clearly identifies the perils posed by conflicting interests and the dangers of duality in representation when the publics interest is involved.
So, while I am not a lawyer, I would respectfully submit that it is Kim Baldwin, Esq, who will not be involved in this legal matter much longer on behalf of Bob Levy, Rosemary Adams and Craig Callaway.
I urge all of you reading this to be mindful, that Craig Callaway's last hold on the government in Atlantic City, is through the grasp that he continues to have over Bob Levy and the position of compromise that Levy has placed himself upon with Craig Callaway.
I know what the position of Levy's compromise is. Wait until you do!
You will then fully understand why Levy has followed every ridiculous order from Craig Callaway for 18 months now, no matter how hurtful to the public the result has been, and no matter how foolish it has made Levy look in the process.
Do you find it as sickening as I do, that every move presently being made in Atlantic City by Craig Callaway's government, is designed to do nothing but attempt to keep a bunch of unqualified, mostly uneducated and almost all unfit individuals in positions of public trust, who never should have been in any of them in the first place?
Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me personally.
I believe that this Friday the 13th is going to be a lucky day  for the good and honest citizens of Atlantic County. Thanks for your attention.  I'll keep you posted.
I rest my case, as a non-lawyer, of course.
Don P. Hurley