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July 11, 2007


Allegation Raises Questions about Freeholder Kelly’s Ability to Govern Responsibility


EGG HARBOR TWP. - According to Freeholder at Large candidate Joe McDevitt, if Sheriff Jim McGettigan speaks honestly and knowingly, then McDevitt’s opponent, incumbent Freeholder Joe Kelly, has shown that he failed to fulfill his duties and obligations as a County Freeholder and does not deserve reelection.
            McDevitt cited public statements by Democrat County Executive candidate Jim McGettigan that McGettigan’s running mate, Joe Kelly, was "hoodwinked" when he joined in the vote to unanimously approve the 2007 Atlantic County budget.  Kelly, a Democrat, served on the Freeholder budget task force that was responsible for reviewing the county budget prior to its adoption.
            "What Jim McGettigan is saying is that after three years as Freeholder, Joe Kelly lacks the intellectual capacity to understand the county budget.  If that is the case, then Joe Kelly failed to do his duty as a Freeholder and should not be reelected," McDevitt said. "I want to ensure the citizens of Atlantic County that no one will "hoodwink" or bamboozle me.  As your Freeholder I will be actively involved in my duties as Freeholder and I will be my own man. The best interests of the citizens of Atlantic County will be my sole priority. I will be beholden to no one but them."
            McDevitt stated that he wants to debate Joe Kelly but wondered whether Joe Kelly should debate Jim McGettigan first. "The Democrats can’t have it both ways. Either Joe Kelly was made a fool of for the last three years or the county budgets have been sound and responsible." McDevitt noted that Freeholder Kelly voted in support of all three county budgets during his term as tenure as Freeholder.
            "Rarely in a political campaign does a candidate throw a running mate under the bus to get elected.  McGettigan’s comments show either the incompetence of my opponent or that McGettigan will say anything to get elected regardless of its truth. In this instance it may be both," McDevitt said. "It clearly shows a party in disarray and not yet ready to govern responsibly."
            McDevitt added that he would be more than glad to be part of the team led by County Executive Dennis Levinson that has served the citizens of Atlantic County extraordinarily well. "I will not attempt to deceive, mislead, or destroy someone’s reputation in order to get elected as the opposing party does. I will simply do my job to the best of my abilities, with honesty and integrity. That is why I am asking the voters of Atlantic County to elect me as Freeholder at Large," McDevitt said.





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