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July 19, 2007
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Citizens Committee To Recall Bob Levy Retains James Leonard, Jr. As Attorney
Atlantic City-
The Citizens Committee to Recall Bob Levy as Mayor of Atlantic City has retained prominent local Attorney James Leonard, Jr. to represent their interest in a hearing later this month before Superior Court Judge Valerie Armstrong. 
"We are thrilled to have someone of Mr. Leonard's stature and experience representing our committee against the despicable tactics of the Bob Levy and Craig Callaway government in Atlantic City", said Charles B. Turner, the plaintiff in the matter.
"Now the citizens will be on the same playing field as the city, who is presently wasting tens of thousands of tax dollars in lawyers fees to fight the citizens while they try to wrongfully keep Bob Levy in office", said Turner.
"Bob Levy, Craig Callaway, Rosemary Adams and Kimberly Baldwin are using the arm of government and the resources of the people of Atlantic City for their own personal gain and advancement", said Turner.
"This is wrong and will be corrected on July 31st, when our attorney Mr. Leonard will fully dispel this pattern of obstructive conduct by the Levy and Callaway administration in Atlantic City who are attempting to deprive the citizens of their basic constitutional rights", said Turner.
"Just seven weeks ago, the vast majority of Atlantic City Council voted in support of a Resolution in support of the rights of the citizens of Atlantic City to pursue a Recall of Bob Levy as Mayor of Atlantic City", said the committees Attorney James Leonard.
"We intend to make a strong case before Judge Armstrong on July 31st, where we believe that justice will be served and the citizens will be free to circulate a lawful petition in protest of what they believe is the present unacceptable leadership in the highest elective office in the city", said Leonard.
"This is the American way. We are asking that they stop the obstruction of the citizens and let the people decide at the voting booth. That's all the citizens desire", concluded Leonard.