July 25, 2007

Sheriff McGettigan


McGettigan Demands Public Explanation on
Levinson's Hiring of Top Porn Lawyer

Calls for attorney's immediate dismissal

(Linwood, NJ) - Atlantic County Sheriff Jim McGettigan, the Democratic candidate for County Executive, is outraged that the Administration of County Executive Dennis Levinson has hired a lawyer who provides free legal advice online to operators of hardcore pornography websites to serve as a county conflicts and labor attorney.

“Mr. Levinson showed inexplicably poor judgment in hiring Eric Bernstein without disclosing this obvious conflict and controversy. As of this morning there are 234 sex offenders in Atlantic County. We don’t need a representative of our government giving away free advice on how to skirt the law and access hardcore pornography,”  said McGettigan. “We demand open and honest government that gives us answers, and we demand real action be taken.”

The lawyer, Eric M. Bernstein, has been fired from public jobs around the state because he admitted billing taxpayers for work while at the same time advocating legal services for porn sites. Bernstein’s firm, Eric M. Bernstein and Associates has long earned money from the porn industry, while Bernstein himself moderates, a website dispensing free legal advice to pornographers. is billed as the ultimate adult webmaster resource site, and is a one-stop-shop for peddlers of the online hardcore pornography industry.

McGettigan demands action and answers to the following:

  • Mr. Bernstein claims he’s been up-front with prospective clients about his porn interests. If so, with whom was he up-front here in Atlantic County? Why would the Levinson Administration hire him if they knew this information?
  • Did Mr. Bernstein bill Atlantic County taxpayers for legal work while representing porn peddlers? I’m demanding a formal, public review of his bills.
  • Mr. Bernstein should come before the Freeholder Board and explain his representation of the porn industry. If he refuses, the Board should take immediate steps to rescind his contract.

After Neptune Township, the Borough of High Bridge, and Washington Township (Warren County) discovered Bernstein’s links to smut peddlers, they all either dismissed or refused to renew his contract. Demanding that action be taken, McGettigan said, “The public has a right to know why and how the Levinson Administration hired this porn lawyer, and whether he’s representing us on our dime, not pornographers.”