Phony Military Claims Disqualify Food Show Contestant;
But Not the Phony Green Beret Mayor Bob Levy in Atlantic City?
By Don P. Hurley
Managing Editor
July 27, 2007
This is a tale of two cities or even a tale of two former United States Military Veterans, and how their similar deceptions have been handled.
Bob Levy is the phony Green Beret, who is currently serving as the Phantom Mayor and order-taker of convicted felon Craig Callaway in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Josh Garcia, age 26, is a Marine from North Carolina who reportedly made false military claims in order to be selected for the Food Network Cooking Competition TV Show this month. 
Garcia claimed that he served in Afghanistan and was deployed to multiple war zones, while serving nearly two years in the infantry and further claiming the military rank of Corporal in the United States Marines.
The truth be known, Josh Garcia is listed in official military records as a private,  who was reportedly shown an exit from the military eight months early in the rank of Private in the U.S. Marine Corps, having never served in combat zones or the infantry according to official records.
Bob Levy made claims that he had earned two Bronze Star Medals as a Green Beret in Vietnam, and that people should have elected him Mayor largely due to his very impressive military claims.
Levy also had others reinforce these false claims of military distinction to advance himself as a political candidate, as well as utilizing these false claims to advance himself at every step of his 40 year public career to improperly skip over other more deserving candidates all through the years. 
And even after Levy was caught by my brother Harry and I, Levy had others claim that he was not only a Green Beret, but that he was also a Ranger in the United States Army.
The problem for Levy, is that he never received training in Special Forces, and never served as a Green Beret in Vietnam or anywhere else in the world.
Bob Levy's other big problem, is that he was never a Ranger in the U.S. Army either, as he intentionally had others falsely claim for him.
And lastly, a big problem for Bob Levy, is that in my opinion he is the puppet for a gangster syndicate, some of whom are now residing in Federal Prison for Bribery and corruption, and others who will hopefully meet their same fate soon.
Interestingly enough, Garcia, the Food Show Competitor and alleged phony infantryman, disqualified himself from further participation and spared the Food Network the anguish of having to deal with his alleged deceit.
However, the Phony Green Beret and Ranger, Bob Levy, has participated in the most vile and destructive administration in the history of Atlantic City, while he utilizes the arm of government in a pattern of obstruction designed to attempt to block the honest citizens from recalling him from office.
There has never been more crime, more violence and more murder, than since Bob Levy and Craig Callaway hijacked the government in Atlantic City 18 months ago. I invite you to please examine the Uniform Crime Reports to verify this fact.
Unlike the alleged  phony infantryman, who did the right thing and disqualified himself from further competition, so as not to cheat another deserving competitor, the Phony Green Beret Bob Levy continues to scam the system of government, while posing as a Phantom Mayor this time around.
Congratulations to the Military Times Magazine for their efforts in exposing this latest reported attempt to steal honor from the real heroes of our armed forces.
Bob Levy, it's time to man-up and show code and honor for the first time in your life, as Private Garcia did when he disqualified himself from a Food Competition.
You should learn a valuable lesson about accepting responsibility for your actions, as your fellow young veteran, Garcia, did.
Bob Levy, do you really think you deserve to hold the position of Mayor of Atlantic City from some other truly deserving candidate any longer?
Can't you see that it's over Bob Levy? Haven't you done enough damage to the reputation and image of Atlantic City already? Isn't it time to act like a man?
Isn't it time to resign, Bob Levy, before the people extract you from your bogus mission?
Don P. Hurley