Ed McGettigan

I spent some time yesterday at the Atlantic County Clerk's Office in Mays Landing.
A few objective observations.
First, what a great staff!
They do a great job and they provide excellent constituent service.
Second, Atlantic County Clerk Ed McGettigan is doing an outstanding job.
There is a professional and friendly atmosphere, that is noticeable when you spend some time with Ed and his staff.
Ed McGettigan hit the ground running this past January 1st. He has been solid on important election/messenger absentee ballot issues from the beginning of his tenure.
As a Democrat, he was not afraid to do the right thing when it came to Craig Callaway's political tactics.
For this, McGettigan has not received the public credit that he deserves.
We here at HarryHurley.com want to take this opportunity to applaud and thank Ed McGettigan for the fair and balanced job that he is doing as Atlantic County Clerk.
When Ed won the position, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Ed is not a mean-spirited individual, so I knew that he would politically retaliate against anyone.
However, it is my pleasure to note that McGettigan's  solid overall performance as Clerk is great for the County.
With only the short period of time that Michael Garvin publicly disgraced the office by closely associating himself with Craig Callaway, the citizens of Atlantic County have always been well served by their Clerk ... from: Lori Mooney, and, now to Ed McGettigan.
My time spent at the County Clerk's office today was a real pleasure.