Rosemary Adams is a Run-A-Way City Clerk In Atlantic City & It's Time For Her To Be Held Accountable to the Law!
Petitioner David Roundtree Signs Letter of Intent To Recall Bob Levy, While
City Clerk Rosemary Adams Attempts To Invalidate His Genuine Signature.
By Don P. Hurley
Managing Editor
August 1, 2007
No low is too low for Craig Callaway and Bob Levy's City Clerk, Rosemary Adams.
Adams,  is on leave from duty, (who like Bob Levy), has also been on leave for an undetermined period of time. (More to follow on this, I promise).
Rosemary Adams was directed to certify the Letter of Intent to Recall Bob Levy From the Office of Mayor of Atlantic City by an Order from NJ Superior Court Judge Valerie Armstrong on July 31, 2007 .
This order came  after 5 months of circus stunts and other efforts to block honest citizens on behalf of Bob Levy and Craig Callaway, who Adams works for.
This would not be the first time that I know of that Rosemary Adams had no problem, what so ever, in defying an order from Judge Armstrong.
Adams did the same thing back in July of 2006, when Judge Armstrong ordered her to place the question for the citizens of Atlantic City to vote for or against Bob Levy and Craig Callaway's pay raise scheme at that time. 
Rosemary Adams and Kim Baldwin intentionally refused to follow Judge Armstrong's order to transmit the order to Mike Garvin, who was then the County Clerk, in hopes that the citizens would be fooled again by Bob Levy's Fake Green Beret, and merely let the clock run out and be surprised on election day with no salary question to vote upon on their ballot.
Fortunately, this did not happen, because I caught Rosemary Adams and Kim Baldwin in the act of their deception and misconduct, and contacted Mike Garvin myself to see the ballot question that Judge Armstrong had ordered.
Garvin informed me that there was no question in his office, and that Rosemary Adams failed to transmit the order to him to place the salary question on the ballot.
So I sent Garvin the order from Armstrong myself, and asked him to require the city clerk Adams to do her job, as required by law.
The citizens were forced to go back to court again in late October 2006, where Judge Armstrong asked Kim Baldwin:  "Miss Baldwin, what is it that you don't understand about my order to you to place that Salary Question on the ballot for the citizens to vote upon?"
Baldwin lied and said that the citizens had agreed to "a stay" which did not require the city to place the question on the ballot.
This is a complete falsehood by Baldwin, and was refuted in a sworn certification by the citizens attorney, and will certainly be the subject of a Contempt Order that is presently before Judge Armstrong.
The citizens prevailed once again before Armstrong, who ordered Adams and Baldwin, for a 2nd time, to place the salary question on the November 2006 general Election Ballot.
To his credit, Mike Garvin was honest and told me that Rosemary Adams blamed Kim Baldwin for the deception and Adams further said that Kim Baldwin never transmitted the order to her as required by law.
Adams had the gall to say that she didn't know anything about the court case at all, even though it was the most reported issue for the entire year in Atlantic City during 2006.
It should be noted that the citizens voted 85% to 15% against Bob Levy, Craig Callaway, Rosemary Adams and Kim Baldwin and defeated the attempts to raise their salaries and that of their friends and family, from ranges of 30-100% yearly. (This issue will be important to remember in the very near future).
But, back to the present day. Rosemary Adams was ordered to approve the Letter of Intent to Recall Bob Levy yesterday on July 31, 2007, following the hearing wherein the citizens prevailed once again over Craig Callaway's consigliary, Kim Baldwin. (How many cases has Kim Baldwin lost and how much money has she cost the tax-payers with her level of contempt for the justice system and incompetence in the past 18 months)? 
The citizens attorney, James Leonard, Jr. was promised, as were the citizens present at City Hall, that Rosemary Adams would certify the Letter of Intent to Recall Bob Levy immediately as she was ordered to do so.
The citizens committee of petitioners signed the Letter of Intent in the prescience of the City Clerk's designee, after properly identifying themselves.
Also, it should be known that, because I have no faith or trust in Craig Callaway's government in Atlantic City, I photographed the citizens signing their letter of intent to recall Bob Levy, as I knew that Rosemary Adams was certainly capable of more mischief and obstruction. And, Adams never disappoints Craig Callaway when given the chance.
Rosemary Adams refused to certify the citizens letter of intent as she was ordered, when she stated that she "had a problem with the signature on the top line of the intent letter". (Meaning the signature of petitioner David Roundtree).
This is interesting, as Adams or no one else from Atlantic City government notified the citizens committee that there was a problem with the letter. In fact, the citizens contacted the clerk to merely pick up their presumed signed and approved document, when they were told that there was "a problem". 
Now, it should be noted Rosemary Adams knows David Roundtree very well, and  has also certified his signature on the same exact letter on at least 3 other occasions when it was submitted for review during the last 5 months while Adams has been running interference and obstruction for Craig Callaway and Bob Levy.
On no occasion in 5 months has Rosemary Adams ever rejected the signature of David Roundtree or any of the other petitioners involved in the recall of Bob Levy.
I ask you to please take note of the picture which accompanies this story that I had taken yesterday of David Roundtree in the act of signing the Levy Recall Intent Letter. I certify that this is truly David Roundtree in the photo and that the signature on the document is genuine and from the actual hand of Roundtree as depicted in the enclosed photo .
Roundtree is the same person that Rosemary Adams knows very well and is obviously signing the letter of intent, which I proved was the exact same document placed on file and stamped received by the clerks designee.
I also proved through the records of the Atlantic County Board of Elections that the signature on file with Adams and the Levy Recall Intent Letter, is consistent with the signature exemplar on file with  Atlantic County for David Roundtree, and also entirely consistent with every other signature that Adams has already previously certified for Roundtree on at least 3 other occasions.
Why did Adams only have a problem with Roundtree's signature now, you might ask. It's simple, Adams knew that Judge Armstrong had ruled the document in good order, so she could not fake any more defects with the letter, so she decided to pick on one signature, which she pretended "not to like".
I need to remind Rosemary Adams that this is still America, and American's are free to sign their names in any way that they wish, or make any mark they desire as an identifier. This could even be as simple as an X marks the spot, if you like. 
At the time I write this story I have been led to believe that this matter may have been resolved. But this is Craig Callaway's government in Atlantic City, who have already proven that they will lie, trick, cheat and even steal from the people to get what they want.
I will inform all of you later, when I learn if Rosemary Adams finally agrees to follow the law and the orders of the NJ Superior Court.
I promise everyone reading this column, that Rosemary Adams, and all of those working with her to obstruct the rights of the citizens, will be held fully accountable to the law for this incident, and for all of the other outrages that they have perpetrated upon the people of Atlantic City for more than a year and a half now.
You may ask: Will I have to capture 6000 photos of petition signers to stop Adams, Levy and Baldwin later this Summer for a legitimate petition to ever be certified by Callaway's gangster government in Atlantic City? I don't think so.
No low is too low, when you are dealing with a run-a-way public official like the rogue Atlantic City Clerk Rosemary Adams, who is about to discover in my opinion, that just like her boss Craig Callaway, she is not above the law either.
Don P. Hurley