It has been an awful campaign thus far for Atlantic County Sheriff Jim McGettigan, who is presently running for the top job in Atlantic County.
Thus far, nothing has gone his way. In fact, he seems to only take his foot out of his mouth to insert the other one.
However, regarding this whole flap regarding the term "Wetback" which was used at a recent candidates forum in Brigantine.
There appears to be no evidence that McGettigan is guilty of using this slur. In fact, a citizen used it and McGettigan merely repeated it.
I do find his explanation that he doesn't even know what the word means to be a little bit hard to believe ... However, on the main point as to did McGettigan offer this slur in this campaign himself in any meaningful way? I have concluded that he did not.
McGettigan shouldn't have repeated the term and we wouldn't even be talking about it right now.
McGettigan has hurled some real whoppers thus far in the campaign and I'm sure he say a few more doozies before it's all over.
But, not only does McGettigan deserve a break on this one ... there's not really anything to this one.
When I was formulating my thoughts about this issue ... I sent an e-mail to a prominent person, specifically asking for the audio of the event. The audio never came to me. This also told me that there was not anything legitimate to this.
Candidates will be blamed for a lot of things over the next 2-plus months. Let's not get into the game of blaming them for things they didn't say or do. It's not fair. It's not right.
McGettigan has earned a "Mulligan" for his one.