Bader Field:  Whose Land Is It Any Way?
The CRDA has no legal authority to control the future of Bader Field.
By Don P. Hurley
Managing Editor
Atlantic City-
The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), has announced that they are accepting "Requests For Proposals" for Consultative Services relating to the future development of Bader Field, located in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City. 
My first questions are obvious:  Who authorized the CRDA to begin accepting Requests for Proposals with regard to Bader Field? And why and how have they involved themselves at this time?
It is a well established fact in Atlantic City that the City Council has been authorized as the "Redevelopment Entity" for Atlantic City in all matters relating to development issues in Atlantic City. (Remember when the near entire media in South Jersey supported Craig Callaway with this concept of City Council as the Redevelopment Authority?)
City Council HAS NOT authorized the CRDA to request proposals for the development of Bader Field.
So, therefore, how could the CRDA be working with the City of Atlantic City as they have claimed in their statement to "prospective bidders" for consultative services?
This truly illustrates the disgrace that has become the administrative government in Atlantic City, being held up by the Phantom Bob Levy, who has been pretending to be a Mayor for twenty months now.
The State of New Jersey, the CRDA and whomever else is truly working their own plan for Bader Field behind the backs of the real governing authority, (AC City Council), and the people of Atlantic City have fully revealed themselves this time.
This obvious plan to keep an incompetent and unqualified Bob Levy in office to allow things like this to occur, must and I submit will be stopped by the members of City Council, who will rightfully seize back the controlling authority over any development that does or does not occur at Bader Field.
No matter what your position of what should happen at Bader Field may be, it is beyond dispute that it is the right of the people of Atlantic City and the proper legal authority of City Council to determine what course of action is best for themselves and, without interference from unelected agencies and authorities outside of Atlantic City.
For purposes of background, the CRDA is attempting to accept "requests For Proposals" to enter into agreement with a potential firm to analyze and develop a potential plan for the future of Bader Field.
The CRDA has made it clear that they intend to enter into an agreement with a responsible bidder whose plan they consider a response to what THEY feel is most advantageous to the CRDA with regard to the potential future development of Bader Field.
What is missing from this whole plan:  Is what is advantageous, or in the best interest if the people of Atlantic City?
This entire situation is an absolute disgrace.
This whole subject takes me back to January 2nd 2006, when Bob Levy had been in the office of Mayor of Atlantic City for approximately 36 hours when he confessed to the public on TV Channel 40 news that he "had already made deals with developers and casinos for Bader Field", further calling Bader Field a "waste of a large amount of space in Atlantic City".
How could Bob Levy have had time to make any deals, when he was only in office less than a few hours?
Now, of course, Levy went off of the script written for him by Craig Callaway, who obviously had his own  sinister plans in mind for Bader Field, when Bob Levy made his true confession to the public concerning future development in Atlantic City.
And, once Levy was taken to the wood-shed by his Boss Callaway, Levy never made this remark about "deals", ever again. Truth be told, Levy was not let out much by Callaway and the syndicate much after this colossal and foolish admission by Levy.
This entire situation reminds me of when Bill Gormley and Jim Whelan concocted a scheme in the 1990's to give away to a friendly supporter, (Casino Mogul Steve Wynn), the "H-Tract" of land located in the Marina District of Atlantic City.
They convinced enough people that this was "worthless land" that nobody wanted, and gave it to Wynn for FREE, who promptly reneged on the deal with the city to develop the site and sold the free, worthless land himself for 300-400 Million dollars. Wynn went on, of course, to utilize his "Wynn-Fall" from the people of Atlantic City to build one of the largest Casino properties ever, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Interestingly enough, and to no surprise, it is Steve Wynn, who is eyeing Bader Field to supposedly develop in Atlantic City once again.
The people of Atlantic City must be fully aware, with their eyes wide open this time, and never permit themselves to be ripped off again by self-serving career politicians who make dirty deals on the hood of publicly-owned jeeps, with no sense of public responsibility or duty as they sign away the citizens property rights.
This affront to the peoples rights in Atlantic City by un-elected authority, is just about as egregious as any intrusion I have ever been witness to in public life.
City Council in Atlantic City should, and I believe will, seize back their proper legal authority, leaving the CRDA, the State of New Jersey and any other illegitimate authority with an empty bidding process with no real legitimacy or meaning.
Keep your eye on this ball. This is the last sizable parcel of land owned by the people of Atlantic City. It's potential must be maximized this time, in the best interest of the people of Atlantic City.
Pinnacle Entertainment has already said that they have hopes of investing between one and two billion dollars on the south side of Atlantic City in what has been dubbed a "Borgota By The Boardwalk Mega Structure Style Casino.
However they have also said, if Bader Field is zoned and developed as a casino property, than Pinnacle has said "all proposals are off" for development in Atlantic City.
The CRDA has no legal authority to control the future development of Bader Field or any where else in Atlantic City. If they want to plant some trees, that's fine, but it is not for them to direct the future course of events for the people of Atlantic City,
Bob Levy is a threat to the future development in Atlantic City. And, the future just got closer today.
I urge you to beware.
Recall Bob Levy, or force him to resign immediately. The very future of Atlantic City depends on it.
Don P. Hurley