Harry Hurley on Important
Thursday,  September 6, 2007 
I have learned that some rather dramatic news will be breaking today.
The implications are both the local and statewide levels.
While the aggressive media news-breaker in me wants to spill it all right here ... right now ...
I resist this temptation, as I do not want to do anything to jeopardize this important work.
I do believe that within the next few minutes or an hour or so, that I will responsibly be able to share with you some very important information ... that will once again prove that our federal law enforcement professionals are (in fact) on the job ... and, doing a very fine job.
If not for them ... Craig Callaway and other criminals (as bad or worse) would still be operating under direct cover from local, county and state law enforcement ... who turned a blind eye away from massive political corruption in this region and state.
We owe the FBI and other federal law enforcement a huge debt of gratitude for their relentless and continuing pursuit of political criminals in New Jersey.
In this era of minute rice and instant gratification that is now  required on a 24-7 basis ... the patience of our society is at a record low level.
This much I will say ... for those of you who have been wondering ... why does "this" stuff ... for the moment I will not define what "this" means" ... except to say ... why does this take so long ... Today is the day, that the process of bringing some to justice will begin.
As soon as I can responsibly say more ... you will be the first to know.