Where Have You Gone Jim Whelan?
Silent on Corruption In AC Government, Bob Levy's Callaway Cabinet and Violence and Murder in Atlantic City?
By Don P. Hurley
Managing Editor
September 8, 2007
Assemblyman Jim Whelan is the highest ranking elected official presently residing in Atlantic City.
Jim Whelan is the former Mayor of Atlantic City, having served 12 years and as a former Atlantic City Councilman for 8 years before that.
Yet Jim Whelan has remained silent for more than 20 months while his best friend, Bob Levy, has been posing as the Mayor of Atlantic City while more violence, murder and corruption has been occurring than ever before.
Jim Whelan remained silent while Bob Levy surrounded himself with Craig Callaway and his entire family and friends as the highest ranking city officials in Atlantic City Government.
It is important to note while all of this has been happening in Atlantic City, Jim Whelan has never said one word.
Where have you gone Jim Whelan?
One thing I have always remarked through the years relating to Jim Whelan, whether you agreed with him or not, is that you never had to look hard for him.
I find Jim Whelan to be the 2nd hardest guy to find in Atlantic City these days, other than his blood brother Bob Levy, who even The Press of Atlantic City now reports that Levy is the invisible mayor.
These are serious times, with all-time rates of crime, murder and corruption. How can Assemblyman Jim Whelan remain silent and watch "Rome Burn", while his incoherent friend, Bob Levy, fiddles in absence.
By his conspicuous absence,Jim Whelan has continued to provide his own substantiation that he is controlled and bossed by power brokers in Camden County and other influences outside of our home district.
By staying inactive on the sidelines, Jim Whelan is proving to be a willing co-conspirator in the crash and burn mission that I believe the State of New Jersey is perpetrating against the people of Atlantic City, in what I believe is an apparent effort for a State Take-Over of Atlantic City. (Insert Bader Field Here!)
JIm Whelan is providing an assist to his political bosses by helping to permit the intentional dysfunctionality of the Administrative Government in Atlantic City, to potentially reinforce a take-over by the state in my opinion.
I believe that Whelan, Bill Gormley and others are maneuvering to intentionally create a scenario whereby the state will attempt to make the case that Atlantic City is unable to govern itself at the present time, and further that they are just the ones you need to take over "and run things right".
It has become obvious that Whelan and his bosses prefer an incompetent stooge like Bob Levy to "burn the building down" as a great labor leader said in the past, so that they may "rule the ashes" of whatever remains.
How many people are injured and killed is of no importance to them in the process.
I continue to urge the people of Atlantic City to take your government back from Bob Levy, Jim Whelan, Bill Gormley, Craig Callaway, Dominic Cappella, Kim Baldwin and Rosemary Adams before it is too late.
Jim Whelan has never offered one solution or proposal, or even once recognized the catastrophic conditions that exist in the Administration in Atlantic City Government, or with the high rate of crime and violence within the city.
I am hoping that others will begin to hold Whelan as accountable as all of those that he has assisted in perverting the government of Atlantic City with unworthy, corrupt and unqualified individuals, who never should have been permitted to hold positions of public trust in the first place.
I actually thought Jim Whelan was off to a good start in the legislature in the beginning of his term, until such time as he sold out the people of Atlantic County so that the democrats could shutdown the Casinos in Atlantic City during the busiest week of the year of 2006 in order that they could raise the sales tax on the people of New Jersey.
Jim Whelan has surrendered his privilege to serve in government any longer by abdicating any role or responsibility in fighting the corruption and violence that has soiled the government in Atlantic City since his friend Bob Levy and Craig Callaway hijacked city hall.
Shame on you, Jim Whelan, for being a contemptible bystander and co-conspirator in the blood, violence and murder as well as the ruination of Atlantic City government in abject corruption of the lowest form.
Whelan has willingly assisted in making Atlantic City a national joke and embarrassment.
In my opinion, Whelan is to be held as accountable as all of those who have corrupted Atlantic City government.
I and many others urged and waited for Whelan to accept his responsibility as the highest elected official in Atlantic City, and his unique relationship with the disgraced Bob Levy, who Whelan offered as the real solution for Atlantic City.
Many of you are aware that Jim Whelan and I have had our ups and downs through the years. But one thing I can honestly say is that I always liked Jim Whelan more when he was around, rather than what he has become today.
Where have you gone Jim Whelan? Your city really needed you while you've been lost in Camden County and Trenton.
And lastly Mr. Whelan, why are you only calling for allegedly corrupt African-American public officials in Pleasantville to resign in disgrace? 
What  about their alleged White counterparts right here in your home town? Why have you never called for their resignations?
Shouldn't political corruption and accountability be color blind?
Obviously not to Jim Whelan.
Where have you gone Jim Whelan? Your city turned its lonely eyes to you when you and your cohorts weren't watching, and you were nowhere to be found.
Don P. Hurley